OH.  MY.  GOSH.  I’m going to try my hardest not to explode into a series of seriouslies, but SERIOUSLY!  (What exactly IS the plural of seriously?)  Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?  I mean seriously.  Okay, okay, I’ll stop.  (But seriously, isn’t it?)

tulsa photographers newborn picturesbaby berklee's newborn portraits with tulsa photographers

natural light portraits with tulsa photographers

To Jake & Ashlee- it was a pleasure to meet your family and to work with you!  Your two girls are absolutely beautiful!  (Seriously.)


Just a quick post this time.  I just wanted to show off a few of Jillian’s gorgeous bridals from her Storybook bridal session.  Chances are, you remember this beautiful face from their engagement pictures or from their wedding.  Since they’re married now, it’s safe to share these!

tulsa bridal portraits

tulsa garden center bridal portraits Jillian's bridal portraits














Luke and I were SOOO lucky to be at this Storybook wedding!  I’ve never done a wedding like this one and we had such a blast!

Storybook weddings with tulsa photographers steampunk wedding with tulsa photographers katie & darren's steampunk wedding tulsa darren & katie's steampunk weddingsteampunk weddings tulsa katie & darren's storybook wedding Mark Bruner & Shelby Eicher

Congratulations, Katie & Darren!


First of all, I love Harwelden!  It’s definitely one of my favorite Tulsa venues for outdoor weddings.  So I’m very glad that Andy & Anna chose Harwelden and I’m also glad that they chose Storybook- great combination!  Anna was absolutely stunning, and I’m pretty sure that if he didn’t have such a crowd, Andy would’ve dropped to his knees and begged for mercy at the first site of Anna.  Their wedding was beautiful and so colorful!

harwelden mansion wedding with tulsa photographers

real weddings with tulsa photographers

Andy’s ring somehow didn’t make it to the ceremony, but they played it off quite well!storybook wedding photography with tulsa photographersromantic portraits in tulsa Congratulations, Andy & Anna!


Wow, that was lame.  I’m almost embarrassed.  I just can’t help myself sometimes.  Anyway, meet the Jones’…plankers extraordinaire!

family pictures in tulsa

family portraits with tulsa photographers of buona sarah Photography

childrens portraits in tulsa with sarah deneui

plank image tulsa



Holy.  Cow.   Scratch that, I meant “Holy French-Country/Shabby-Chic Cow!”  I don’t usually show this many pictures in a blog post, but there’s no way I could leave any of these out.  And I’m thinking during the off-season I’ll share some more of the amazing decor shots.  Christian designed ALL of the decor HERSELF!  I’m just blown away.   I’m SOOO glad that I was able to shoot this wedding with Jackey, it’s one that I won’t soon forget!

Okay, okay, I’m off track.  I should be talking about the couple and the wedding.  I assure you that Thomas & Christian are just as sweet as can be.  Thomas is very kind to his bride and that will certainly pay off in the years to come.  I wish this couple all the very best that life has to offer!

Forrest Ridge with tulsa photographers
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