Adison just happens to be one of the nicest seniors I have ever met.  Seriously.  I’m not just saying that.  And it also just so happens that he is Samantha’s sister (who I’ve raved about in 3 previous posts- here, here and here).  So I’m thinking that Adison and Samantha’s mom and dad might need to write a book on parenting…I’d be their first customer!  Anyway, back to Adison- he was so easy-going and such a delight to work with.  Not to get all warm and fuzzy with you, but I love it when I get to meet such wonderful families.

adison's senior pictures tulsa

beggs senior pictures

senior portraits in beggs with adison

black & white senior pictures tulsa

adison beggs senior


www.StorybookWeddings.org   Jon & Samantha actually got married waaaaay back in December.  Truth is, Christmas turned me into a lazy blogger.  I trick myself into thinking that no one will ever read it anyway…”so why post? yes, I should definitely bake cookies instead”.  But you’re here, reading this, which proves that at least one person out there IS in fact reading the blog of this Tulsa photographer!  Well, who knew!  So anyway, back to Jon & Samantha.  You might recognize them from the post with Drunky McDrunkerson who made an appearance in their engagement photos, or from her beautiful Storybook bridal portraits.

 Luke and I were lucky enough to be the photographers on their big day.  And what a BIG day it was!  They put so much care and effort into the decor of this wedding, it was absolutely stunning!  It was a Christmas Winter Wonderland!

preparing the bride for her wedding with tulsa photographer sarah

winter wonderland wedding with tulsa photographer

the happy couple- with tulsa photographer sarah deneui

tulsa photographers and wedding cake

So almost 4 months later, when Samantha & Jon probably already have their wedding pictures in frames and albums, I’m finally getting around to saying…congrats you two!  It was such a pleasure to work with you!

www.StorybookWeddings.org   I can’t believe I didn’t do a post about Samantha’s bridals back in December when she got married.  As I mentioned in my post about their engagement portraits, she is such a beautiful woman!  And now that I know her better, I can truly say that she’s beautiful on the inside and out!

samantha's bridal portraits tulsa

bridal portraits in tulsa

portraits with tulsa photographers

samantha's tulsa portraits

tulsa photographer bridal portraits with samantha


Usually, I write something nice about the couple, AS a couple.  And believe me, this couple is very deserving of some sort of witty compliment, but I just have to get straight to my point…Samantha is gorgeous.  I mean, really.  Look at her eyes!

eyes!  picture taken by tulsa photographers jon & samantha's engagement session with tulsa photographers

romantic images with tulsa photographers

So then….we’re minding our own business, and Drunky McDrunkerson meanders over and insists that he be in one of the photos with the couple.  Jon & Samantha agreed, and DM was happier than sunshine to have his picture taken.  This was a first.  For all four of us, I think!  You can see the “please hurry!!!” in Samantha’s smile!

drunk guy with tulsa photographersCongrats, Jon & Samantha!  I truly enjoyed working with you!