www.StorybookWeddings.org    Josh & Lauren are no exception to the deluge of kind and genuine people that I mentioned in my last post.  I met this happy couple a few months ago when I photographed their Storybook engagement session, and this past weekend Luke and I were able to photograph their wedding day.  Oh what fun!  Seriously, this was the kind of wedding where I just really wanted to put my camera down and join in the party!  Don’t worry, I stuck to my job.

wedding jewelry with tulsa photographers at vesica piscis

vesica piscis pictures tulsa

cute little flowergirl at vesica piscis tulsa

vesica piscis bridal portrait

bride & groom with tulsa photographers at vesica piscis

josh & Lauren at vesica piscis

lauren & josh tulsa photographers

Congrats, Josh & Lauren!

Doug & Lisa were married last weekend at Vesica Piscis and they had such a beautiful wedding!  Deanna & I were so happy to be there to represent Storybook and document the day.  Lisa was completely stunning and Doug was looking very dapper!  www.StorybookWeddings.org

vesica piscis tulsa photographers tulsa photographers 2tulsa photographers at vesica piscis vesica piscis