Sometimes my “work” is really fun!  One day last month, I drove to Sparks, OK and followed the kids around at the Assemblies of God camp.  I even got to eat some camp food!  oklahoma photographers oklahoma photographers oklahoma city photographers oklahoma city photographers oklahoma city photographers oklahoma city photographers oklahoma city photographers oklahoma city photographers


I met Pastors Skip & Karen Mosely last year when we worked on a picture for her new book His Presence Changes Everything.  They were such wonderful people!  So easy to work with, so kind, so genuine, so happy- I immediately liked them!  Earlier this month I visited their church here in Tulsa, Glorious Light International Church, to get some updated pictures for them.  And I have to tell you, their entire church is just as kind, happy, caring and wonderful as they are! tulsa photographers 6tulsa photographers 1 tulsa photographers 2

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 LMFAO said it best…”I work out!”  If you’re looking for a reason to get out of bed a little earlier each day, check out Crossfit 51!  It’s located near the intersection of 51st & the Broken Arrow Expressway, and there are workout times to fit any schedule and it’s more affordable than the competition!

For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/crossfit51

crossfit tulsa 51

These rings scare me.

tulsa photographers at crossfit tulsa

crossfit 51 with tulsa photographers

crossfit 51 tulsa

51 crossfit tulsa


Geez, sitting here and looking through this woman’s portraits just makes me want to work harder at Crossfit tomorrow.  And her beauty isn’t just skin-deep, either!  Andrell will soon be releasing her new book Navigating the Storm- Strategies to Stay on Course When Crisis Hits.  Congrats, Andrell!

The Beautiful Andrell's portraits!

Had such a great time shooting Andrell's portraits last week!  She's gorgeous!

Andrell's portraits with tulsa photographers www.BuonaSarahPhoto.com


Shrae is…well, she’s…GORGEOUS!  See for yourself, I’m not exaggerating at all!

headshots in tulsa

tulsa headshots

acting headshots tulsa

See?!  Told ya!

The last photo was shot at the Gypsy Coffeehouse in Tulsa, OK.

www.BuonaSarahPhoto.com and www.tulsaphotographers.org


The Bistro at Seville (www.tulsabistro.com)

91st & Yale, 918-296-3000

If you’re not already eating here, then I’m offering you an instant bump in your quality of life.  So don’t walk, RUN to the Bistro!  You’ll find a diverse menu with something to please even the pickiest of eaters.  The service is outstanding and the servers are very knowledgeable about the food and wine.

Here you see the well-stocked bar, and this is really just the beginning of their offerings!  The wine list is superb and each wine is very carefully considered before being chosen.

the bistro at seville with tulsa photographers

Mediterranean Tuna Salad- Um, heck yes.  Mixed greens, artichoke hearts, sweet red onions, caper berries, Greek olives, feta, red peppers and ahi tuna.

tulsa bistro with tulsa photographers

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail- Seriously, have you ever had shrimp this big?  Featured below with Sokol Blosser Evolution.

jumbo shrimp cocktail at the bistro with tulsa photographers

Grilled Brie with a balsamic reduction, apples, walnuts, lahvosh crackers and strawberries.  Just do it.

restaurant pictures by tulsa photographers

Filet Oscar…you already know what this is, in fact you’re probably wiping the drool from the corners of your mouth.

website pictures by tulsa photographers
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