This was the second time I had the privilege of capturing one of Gabe’s milestones.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with children as they grow!  (You can see the blog entry from his 1 year session here.)

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  tulsa children's photographertulsa children's photographerbroken arrow children's photographer


Sarah Moyer is the real deal.  She’s what we all dreamed of being when we grow up.  That’s just too cool!  I love meeting people like Sarah, who are doing what they are good at, what makes them happy, and what makes others around her happy.  To learn more about Sarah Moyer and her current projects, go to www.sopranosarahmoyer.com.

soprano singer sarah moyer with tulsa photographer of Buona Sarah Photography

professional portfolio pictures with tulsa photographer sarah deneui

soprano sarah moyer's professional portfolio images with tulsa photographers

I’m honored that Sarah chose Buona Sarah Photography for her professional portfolio pictures.   Thank you Sarah!

Such a sweet family!

tulsa newborn photographertulsa photographers


I don’t even know where to start.  If you’re a mother, you know what I mean.  And Brooke knows exactly what I mean, too.  I’ll begin by saying that these pictures are very minimally edited.  This is not about flawless skin or perfect lighting.  Rather, this is an open and honest look at the work and the prize of giving birth.  Although I will mention that these few images have been carefully chosen with both you, my average viewer, and the privacy of the mother in mind.
There’s just something about giving birth, that instills in us a deep respect for each other and makes us want to stand up straighter.  I for one, after giving birth to my son, gained new perspective as well as a greater appreciation for my own mother and all mothers.
southcrest hospital birth with tulsa photographers Gary & Brooke planned to do a home birth, but Baby Girl didn’t want to come out.  I’ve never known anyone to be pregnant for over 43 weeks, but now I can say that I have.  Brooke did not get an epidural, she chose a natural birth.
labor photography birth photography in tulsa  She labored for over 14 hours. labor & delivery photography tulsa This is one very exhausted couple.  But they kept on.  And then she came and lit up the room and everything melts away.  It’s amazing, really.  If you’ve never been with a mother when she gives birth, put it on your bucket list to earn your spot in that room someday.  I don’t even know how to explain it, but I could attempt it with the analogy of walking from the kitchen to the living room and forgetting why you went there in the first place.  As soon as the baby comes, there is this unmistakable joy that not even winning the lottery could replace. birth photography with tulsa photographers Meet Genevieve. birth & labor photography tulsa birth photography in tulsa with sarah deneui I don’t care how many times in my life I’ve done this or ever will do this, I will always consider it an honor to be present for such a life-changing moment.  Thank you, Brooke & Gary!

Gigi’s gonna be a superstar and I’ll get to say “I knew her back when..”  Love that!

pageant portraits with tulsa photographers pageant portraits in tulsa

tulsa photographers for pageants

pageant portraits in tulsa portraits for tulsa pageants


The Bistro at Seville (www.tulsabistro.com)

91st & Yale, 918-296-3000

If you’re not already eating here, then I’m offering you an instant bump in your quality of life.  So don’t walk, RUN to the Bistro!  You’ll find a diverse menu with something to please even the pickiest of eaters.  The service is outstanding and the servers are very knowledgeable about the food and wine.

Here you see the well-stocked bar, and this is really just the beginning of their offerings!  The wine list is superb and each wine is very carefully considered before being chosen.

the bistro at seville with tulsa photographers

Mediterranean Tuna Salad- Um, heck yes.  Mixed greens, artichoke hearts, sweet red onions, caper berries, Greek olives, feta, red peppers and ahi tuna.

tulsa bistro with tulsa photographers

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail- Seriously, have you ever had shrimp this big?  Featured below with Sokol Blosser Evolution.

jumbo shrimp cocktail at the bistro with tulsa photographers

Grilled Brie with a balsamic reduction, apples, walnuts, lahvosh crackers and strawberries.  Just do it.

restaurant pictures by tulsa photographers

Filet Oscar…you already know what this is, in fact you’re probably wiping the drool from the corners of your mouth.

website pictures by tulsa photographers
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